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wiring harness factory briefly introduces the production of automobile wiring harness.


the automobile wiring harness is a network main body of the automobile circuit. if there is no wiring harness, there will be no automobile circuit. so how did the car harness be made? generally speaking, mainly through: drawing, hanging, covering the three processes to make, if the model specifications are more complex, then its repeatability will be lower. specific steps, and wiring harness manufacturers together to understand it.

1, covering. depending on the functional conditions of wires and cables, special equipment is used to coat different materials outside the conductor. specific can be divided into the following:

around the bag: mica belt, nonwoven fabric, banded paper tape, plastic bag and alkali free glass fiber belt. in addition to these, there are wire like silk and cotton yarn.

longitudinal bag: wrinkled aluminum belt and rubber and other materials.

squeezing: lead, plastic, rubber, aluminum and other materials.

dip coating: insulating varnish, asphalt and so on.

2. wrangle. the wring process can be generally divided into conductor stranding, weaving, winding, cable forming, and steel armor. in order to improve the integrity and softness of the wire and cable, it is possible to interweave more than two single lines according to the specified direction, which is called the winch.

3, pull down. drawing parts: single wire drawing and stranding. in the metal pressure processing, the ability to force metal through the mold (press wheel), the metal cross section is compressed, and obtain the condition of the shape and size of the cross-sectional area of the skill processing is called metal drawing.


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