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a brief introduction to the general process of wire beam processing


the wiring harness is mainly used to connect the electrical equipment in the circuit. it is made up of wiring terminals, insulation coating materials, insulation sheath and wire. wiring harnesses are basically everywhere in life, for example, there are wiring harnesses in the computer mainframe. what is the general processing flow before wiring harness is used?

the first is the acceptance of the material, which can be tested by the relevant instruments for environmental protection. after the test, we can see if it is in accordance with the standard of rohs. it can not contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury in the incoming material. then the wire feeding equipment is mainly placed on the middle transmission line rack which needs to be processed, and the surface of the wire must not be scratched. the next is line feeding, and the wire is fixed on the wire feeder. then it is the cutting line, is to use the cutting machine to cut the line to the right length, in doing this work, we should pay special attention, can not cut the surface of the wire, and can not cut off the copper wire, the length of the peeling error is best not more than 1 millimeters. the other is the stripping of electric wires. according to the standard requirements, the insulation skins corresponding to the length of the wires of the joints should be stripped. the error is also not more than 1 millimeters. in addition, it is the twisting line, in the joint of the place to arrange and twist the line, can not scrape the surface of the wire, must make the copper wire to tighten, it is not available in the case of silk. finally, connect the terminals, connect the conductors and plugs terminals, and pay attention to the width and height requirements.

when these processes are completed, the wiring harness is basically finished, leaving only the final assembly process. for example, assembly of products and assembly of plastic plugs must achieve the torque required by the product. the other is the conduction test, using the instrument to conduct wiring test, no breakage, poor contact and insulation. finally, the packing lamp sealed box, use tape to load the finished product into the carton, the seal should be smooth, the packing belt should be wrapped in the carton, and it can not appear in the case of falling off.


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