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wire harness plant reminds you of possible consequences of wiring harness.


at present, the use of wire harness is very extensive, but no matter what kind of occasions, if the wiring harness may cause serious consequences, so, we must do a good job in time to do a good job of prevention, for example, the wiring harness short circuit problem, how to avoid?

if you want to avoid wiring harness, you need to pay attention to the installation and use of the wiring harness. first of all, we must take insulation measures; secondly, when connecting the power supply, we must carefully check if there is a short circuit, it is important to choose the way to check the device with the battery short circuit is very undesirable, easy to cause accidents.

when a wire harness is short circuited, the current will become larger and the heat generated will be directly fused at the junction of the wire, so that there will be a spark and a serious case of the explosion. therefore, the wire harness manufacturer and the user must not look down on the short circuit of the wire harness and do a good job of prevention. do.


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