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what problems should we pay attention to when wiring harness is assembled?


in the process of assembly of the car harness, it is necessary to follow certain principles. for this reason, the wire harness manufacturer collated several points that need to be paid attention to when assembling a number of wire harnesses.

1, in the assembly, do not pull the harness too tight so that it can prevent the vehicle from running in a bumpy condition, causing the displacement of the fixed point of the wire harness, which leads to the increase of the distance between the two fixed points and the lengthening of the wire harness, thus causing the virtual connection of the inner contact of the wire harness or the change of the wire parameters. in serious words, the wire is broken.

2, after assembling the wiring harness, there must be enough clearance to be passed around to ensure that other components will not be pressed, not to be tripped by the components, to avoid the wear, rupture or clipping of the wire harness, resulting in grounding and so on.

3, not near the location of the layout of the color and the same type of connector, so that the assembly can prevent the occurrence of misinsertion, damage to the use of electrical appliances and wiring harness.

4. the inserts should be arranged in places where they are easy to find. they are arranged in places where the tools and hands are easy to operate. this is mainly for the convenience of inspection and maintenance. the length of the wire should be considered according to the actual assembly. if the electrical parts are installed in an easy to operate place, then you can save the connector directly on the parts. if the location of the installation is more secret, the later inspection and maintenance will be more difficult. according to the specific needs, the length of the conductor of the electrical appliance should be increased appropriately, so that the connector can be placed in a convenient place for inspection and maintenance.


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