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a brief introduction to the interface of wire harness processing


interface is an indispensable part of wire harness processing. next we will briefly explain the interface of the offline beam processing.

1, the classification of interfaces

the main function of the i/o interface is to implement the cpu. through the system, the i/o circuit and peripheral equipment are connected. according to the complexity of the circuit and equipment, the hardware of the i/o interface can be divided into the following two types:

(1), i/o interface chip

most of this type of chip is integrated circuit, which can input different parameters and commands through cpu, and control related i/o circuits and some simple peripherals to perform related operations. the common interface chips are interrupt controller, parallel interface, counter, dma controller and so on.

(2), i/o interface control card

this type of control card is mainly composed of a plurality of integrated circuits based on a certain logic, or directly on the same main board as the cpu, or a plug-in inserted in the bus slot of the system.

2, the function of the interface

because there are many kinds of peripherals in the computer, almost a few of the transmission devices are used, so there are several problems in the exchange of data between cpu and i/o devices.

(1), speed mismatch: i/o devices work faster than cpu, and the speed difference between them is great because of different types, for example, the speed of hard disk transmission is much faster than that of the printer.

(2) timing mismatch: each i/o device has its own timing control circuit to transmit data at its own speed, and can not be unified with the timing of cpu.


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