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key points for quality inspection of wire harness processing


in order to ensure the quality of wire harness processed by wire harness processing plant, we should pay attention to the following links in the online beam quality inspection.

1, cut the line: check the size of the wire is not in line with the relevant requirements, the model is not correct. the incision must be neat, no wires should be scratched, and the wires must not be contaminated.

2, marshalling: check whether the trim is neat, the size is right or not, and when trimming, it cannot be rowed to the core.

3, peel the outer skin: check whether the peeling mouth is neat, the size of the peeling is not right, do not strip the marshalling wire and core wire.

4, peeling the endoderma: check the peeling mouth is not neat, the size of the peeling is not right, the core line is not broken, there is no copper wire stripping; in half peeling, the insulators must not fall off.

5, shrink tube: carefully check the size and size of the shrink tube is not correct.

6, preparation of solder: check the temperature of the tin furnace wrong; before the preparation of solder, the core wire and copper wire should be finished, check the situation of bending, bifurcation and discounts.

7, soldering tin: check the temperature of the electric iron is not correct; do not burn the insulation skin, tin point should be smooth, no tin tip, no false and false welding.

8, terminal pressure: check the terminals and wires specifications are correct; terminal pressure has tilted, there is no lama mouth situation.

9, terminal insertion: check the terminal and connector model is correct; terminal has no deformation and damage and other conditions; check terminals are wrong insert, leak insertion or insertion is not in place.

10, assembly shell: check the shell is not scratched, misplaced or woolen, or not, there are no leakage components, the screw has no oxidation, loosening, screwing and discoloration. if the shell has direction, then it must be assembled according to the requirements.


1. oem service is acceptable.

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3. smallorders on variety are acceptable.

4. please don’t hesitate to contact us for professional drawings and quotation based on your requirement.

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