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the process of wiring harness


many consumers simply know what is the harness, the harness is what to do, but it is not very familiar with the process of wiring harness, so what is the process of the specific wiring harness? let's get to know it with us.

1. material testing: environmental testing of materials through the rohs instrument to test whether all the materials needed for wiring harness meet the rohs standard. required equipment: rohs testing instrument. process requirements: the materials needed do not contain any harmful substances, such as cadmium, mercury, polybrominated two phenyl ether, lead and so on.

2. wire feeding equipment: put the wires that need to be processed to the overhead transmission line rack. required equipment: feeder. process requirements: pay special attention to not scratching the surface of scratched wires.

3. wire feeding: put the wire on the wire feeder for fixing. required equipment: wire feeder. process requirements: pay special attention to not scratching the surface of scratched wires.

4, cut the line: use the wire cutter to cut the wire to the required length. required equipment: a computer tailoring machine. process requirements: the surface of scratched wire can not be scratched, and the copper wire can not be cut off. the length of the skinning must not exceed 1 millimeters.

5. twist line: twist the wire to the conductor of the joint. required equipment: a twisting machine. process requirements: do not scratch the surface of the scratched wire. it is necessary to tighten the copper wire so that there is no filament.

6. riveting terminals: riveting the conductors and plugs terminals of the joints. required equipment: terminal machine. process requirements: terminals can not be deformed, must meet the requirements of tension, riveting width and height.


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