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what are the key points in the production process of the wire harness


the general working process of wire harness processing includes line cutting, peeling, peeling, pressing terminal, tin soaking, casing, welding, casing, test, inspection, packing and so on. it can be said that every process is important and matters needing attention are more directly related to the quality of the whole wiring harness.

for example, the length of the line is within tolerance, and too long and too short can not be transferred to the next process.

peeling also has a length requirement, and can not hurt the internal core.

stripping head has length requirement, which is directly related to terminal specification.

the most important thing is that the tension must be up to the standard and the appearance of the terminal is ok.

the tin can be filled with tin and some tin. there must be no broom head, fork and big head. otherwise, it will not be qualified.

it is also very important to insert the shell into the wrong place, and it is also very important that the false welding, the virtual welding, the missing welding and the wrong welding are not allowed.

the casing includes heat shrinkable tubes, pvc pipes, winding pipes and yellow wax pipes.

the test includes the conduction test, the resistance voltage test and so on, which does not meet the requirements, and the appearance inspection is a supplement to the inspection in the front process, and the inspection of the overall wiring harness is required to return and rework.

packaging and storage should be carried out in proper packaging and storage for each kind of wire harness, otherwise the qualified products will become bad products, which is also very important.

so every link is very critical. only by controlling every link, can we give customers the qualified products.


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