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wiring harness process (2018 edition)


there is a strict and correct process for the wire harness processing, which will determine the quality of the wire harness processing, so every step of the process should be paid attention to and meticulous. now let's show you the basic process of wire harness machining. let's get to know the wiring harness further.

tools / materials

rohs instrument

transfer frame

wire cutting machine

pneumatic peeling machine

twisting machine

terminal machine

methods / steps

first, the acceptance link: mainly for the acceptance of the material, the use of rohs instruments or other instruments for basic testing, the main acceptance of the harmful substances are lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated biphenyl polybrominated two benzyl ether and so on.

two. put the qualified wire in the middle transmission line and deliver the wire. you should pay attention to avoid scratching the surface of the wire.

three, cut the line; then use the cutting machine to cut the wire into the required length.

four, peeling: according to the requirements of sop insulation skin, mainly using pneumatic peeling machine.

five. twist line: finishing and twisting the conductor at the joint. the main thing is to use the twisting machine.

six, riveting: use the terminal machine to rivet the conductor and plug terminal of the joint.

seven. assembly: assemble the treated wiring harness, mainly assembling the plastic plug housing.

eight, test, final product testing, after qualified packaging.

precautions: second. avoid scratching the surface of wire.


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