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what are the requirements of the wiring harness assembly process?



1. after the wiring harness is assembled , all wiring harnesses should be parallelled and immobility ; and the wire cord should be in a good condition whiletying.

2. the core wire should not be twined together or too tight during welding and pin inserting.

3. for each product , terminals ,housing and d- sub ,idc,conn must be consistent with position plate while wiring.

4. the wire of each product arrangement must be the same to positioning plate.

5. when the thread is tied, the rope should move vertically from the lower part of the binding loop.

6. the belt should be tightened and the tail should not exceed 1mm.

7. keep the distance between two belt in 25mm , and retain 10 mm length at the end.

8. the top and the bottom of each rope must be an untying fast knot.

9. keep the rope straight while tying .one side of rope should be tightly fixed to belt while pulling hard.(to protect terminals from core snaping and falling out)


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