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what is the process of the electronic wiring harness?



wire cutting :check the wire materials and length if it is standards-compliant .make sure no scratches be cutted off neatly and no scratches on wire surface.

stripping jacket : check stripping cutting way – smoothly and length required accompanies with no wire cord and woven meshharming .

braid treatment :check clipping length neatly required accompanies with no wire cord harming .

stripping insulation :check stripping cutting way--- smoothly and length required accompanies with no wire cord harming . insulator can’t drop off while breaking copper wire .

heat - shrinkable –tubesheath: check its length and type using .

soldering : make sure the suitable tinplating temperature and copper wire is in good condition before tin soldering. after tin soldering , there is no copper divarication and insulation scorch happens .

tin solering : check the electric soldering iron temperature . no insulator scorch and solder icicleallowed .

terminal crimping : check if terminals is unskewing , insulator and wire cord is  not over-crimped, if necessary ,adjust the crimping terminals .

terminal inserting : check if connector and terminal materials is correct . no worn , no out of shape , no misplug and no fulfillment required .

flat cable crimping : make sure conductor materials and position is correct . and wire cord is in perfect condition--- no worn and leakage of copper or scorch. crimping in right place .

heat –shrink-tube :no insulation scorch allowed during heating .

housing assembly :  check if there is defective product after housing assembly, defective product including scratches , misplace ,installation error . housing must be done as its requirement .

labelling : check its length , direction and content . if it is clean , clear and complete .

cable tie : make sure it ties well before packing .

injection moulding : it is essential to make sure there is no bubble , connect-well and good harden on clean mould .

plug moulding : no debris , flow line and uneven happens on plug ,make sure metal terminals are in good shape and condition for next test step .

electric examination : the product should be strictly tested according to standard.

outlook check :everywhere must be checked and tested if necessary .


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