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what is the wiring harness processing?



wiring harness is made up of jacket , terminals , conductor and insulation. which play roles in connecting all kinds of electric instruments .

1. electric wiring harness 

in order to facilitate the installation and maintain , make sure electrical equipment can work under the worst weather , all kinds of wire gauge and colors used in the car must be well ordered and tied together by insulation, whichis neat and safe .

2. the options of wire cross- sectional area and color code .

(1) the right choice of cross sectional electrical wire

the right choice of cross sectional electrical wirefor car use depends on load current.

you can choose 60% of actual current carrying capacity for long working time equipment .

60%-100% of current carrying capacity can be used for  working time in short equipment .

(2) wiring color code

wiring for power distribution branch circuitsare color coded for identification of individual wires and easily maintain .

in order to make the circuit diagram convenient, the color of the conductor is indicated by the letter, and the color of its representative is noted in each circuit diagram.


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